Brand New Software

If you were trying to access the site roughly 20 minutes prior to this post, you most certainly would have noticed that the site was down for upgrades on the software.

However, this time, it’s not an upgrade on the software, but instead, a complete changeover to a new one. Previously, I was using Drupal, which is certainly a fine software product. The problem that I found with Drupal, however was that for the purpose I was using it for (a personal blog), it was both too encumbering and had too few features specific to a blog (I had to install about 10 modules to the base Drupal install to get it how I wanted it, and how it appeared before I took it down.)

The new software I am using is Textpattern. It’s amazingly light, and I love how it handles styles and presentation. So far, it’s been amazing just setting it up, so I’m ready to do some nitty-gritty writing with this bad puppy. :p

There are a few problems presented with the new software though. If you have any bookmarks from here, they will no longer work. The SEO scheme is different than it was on Drupal. The articles still exist, but the links won’t. You’ll just have to search some. :P Secondly, I didn’t import any of the comments. To do so would have taken a lot of my time, and honestly, most of the comments we’re absolutely critical to enjoy the blog. I did save the comments from the “Epic Band Lulz” post, however, as it had a lot of user input on what Bands / Albums they made. You can find the link in that post.

Other than that, not much’ll change around here. It’ll still look basically the same as before (except for new styles, obviously) and I’ll still make posts, and you guys can still comment. The only difference is the backend, which should hopefully make things a lot easier on me.

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