Aye, it’s that time again (actually, for me, has been for nigh on two weeks), which indubitably means that it’s movie-watching season.

The trend has begun again, and the movie this time was the new Star Trek movie, which I saw on Saturday. I’m not a Star Trek fan (nor am I a Star Trek hater), yet I was still easily impressed with this movie. J.J. Abrams of Lost and Cloverfield fame did quite well, in my humble opinion. I would say more, but I’ve slept since then. :P Disappointing, I know. :(

In other news, I may have a pretty cool job this summer, but I’m not sure on the details, yet, so I’m not pushing my luck by saying I have a job lined up or something like that. We’ll see. *hopes*

I Can Has Break?

Yay! School is officially over… at least for a week or so. Yup, it’s Spring Break time around these parts.

Mine’s probably going to be relatively docile, consisting of sleep, and some fishing/boating down in Louisiana. That might not sound like much, but after the hell school’s been, lately, it’s going to be like Heaven.

In other news, I upgraded WordPress to 2.5 RC1, so if you notice some weirdness, drop me a line about it.