Does This Mean I’m Bored?

Yes, very yes.

I’ve just spent the last thirty minutes or so importing all the old entries I made from various old blogs I kept (and by various, I mean my old blog and my Xanga). It was really rather easy once I got everything working, and now I have all my internet writings compacted into one place.

If you wanna go back and see some of the entries I made in my long-forgotten past (actually, about two years ago), you can go here for the WordPress stuff and here for the Xanga entries.

I’ll forewarn you, though, especially if you’re wanting to look at the Xanga stuff: that’s some of the longest content I’ve ever put finger to keyboard for. It also means that my XHTML compliancy on those pages are shitty (Xanga’s “editor” makes it look soooo bad).

3 thoughts on “Does This Mean I’m Bored?”

  1. Sweet layout. I did a good amount of blog-hopping as well, and started putting select pieces of my Xanga on WordPress…but then I got lazy.

    Thanks for your comment!


  2. I copy-pasta’d it. It really didn’t take all that long, since I really didn’t have that much stuff from that time. It really did only take about thirty minutes.

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