Gaia Online Has a Huge Concentration of Retards

For those of you who don't know, Gaia Online is one of the Internet's largest communities.  In my experiences, it's also one of the Internet's largest concentrations of just plain dumb people.  When I first saw Gaia, I though, "Hey this could be neat, there's a huge community, maybe if I ever just want to have some sort of conversation or get some help or whatever, this'll be a good place to go."  Well, I was wrong.  Nearly all the posts on the first page of General Discussion are like: "ZOMG! I r g@y.  I5 n31 3ls3 g@y 2?" or "1'm EMO" or "1 l0v3 s3xorz."  And the computer stuff isn't much better:  "My computer's broke, fix it for me because I'm a lazy asshole who doesn't know anything about computers or how to fix them, but I expect everyone to know exactly what's wrong with my computer when I give you the most obscure problem and no technical information that you could use to narrow the problem down."  I know I've personally answered a thread about how to edit an MP3 or WAV file at least 4 times.  (And if you don't know, use Audacity)  These people are just plain dumb.  And then when you try to help them but it doesn't turn out right, they hate you with a passion and then make flame-wars about how you're stupid and you don't know anything.  

If you read this and would like to defend the name of Gaia, then by all means leave a comment telling me what I'm missing, and point me in the right direction.  Until then, I consider anyone who actually posts on Gaia frequently a gay emo kid who doesn't know anything about computers. 

*And I know I slightly exaggerated on the thread names, but other than that, it's pretty accurate in my eyes. 

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