Holy Snap! An update!

It’s been a really long time since I’ve posted an update. :(

I’ve been pretty busy, what with work, random friend things, and other even more random stuff!

First, job: I’ve been in training for six weeks! That’s crazy-talk. Working for HP doing crazy-secret things! >_> <_< P exciting. Second, friends: Actually been doing a lot of things with my friends lately, from random trips to Little Rock (also caused by point #3 below), to movie viewings almost every weekend, to going to see loads of concerts. It's been pretty fun, and a good break from work (not that my job is bad, it's just that 40 hours a week drains you a little bit after you've been used to working about 3 hours max at a time, and also going to school)! Third, other randomness: The air conditioner has been broken at my apartment the past few days, which has led to some interesting stuff to just get away from the heat (it's been so bad that we have nicknamed the place "Hell"). One of those things was a car ride that I did on a whim that ended up being roughly 2 and a half hours long. Pics after the jump, as they will mess up the layout:



Satellite View

It was awesome!

Yay updates! I’ve been reading a lot of tech news, lately, maybe I’ll start making random techy updates soon. Wouldn’t hold my breath (it certainly won’t be as ambitious as last summer’s “One Post Per Day” project, but It should certainly be more frequently than the complete lack of any posting over the first half of this year). See you then!

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