I Can Has Moives?

So, this article has taken forever to get up (sorry to the guest writer, whose article will be up after this one sometime), but here it finally is!

Last week, I went over to my friend Will’s house to do some regular “Hey, I’m bored, and so are you… let’s be bored together!” thing, when we decided to go see a movie. This particular move was “Forbidden Kingdom“. However, we missed the showing, so we ended up hanging out around Little Rock.

We decided to try again the next day at the local movie theater, only to be distraught when learning that they only show movies at 9:00 on Friday or Saturday. =/ So, Will and I, with Jason in tow decided to rent a movie instead. After perusing the aisles at the local Rental Centre, we decided on “The Prestige” (it’s one of those two movies about magic that turned up around the same time, the other being “The Illusionist“, which I haven’t seen). A quick trip to Will’s house provided us with a large plasma screen to view said movie on. The Prestige turned out to be a really good movie, but it was also fairly weird in it’s use of non-continuous plot presentation. There were multiple times throughout the movie where you would suddenly go back or forward in time, and it would take a while to realize it. Despite the drawback, the story was really good, and I would definitely recommend it.

Movie One (The Prestige): B+

Being a bit disgruntled at not being able to see The Forbidden Kingdom two days in a row, Will, Jason, and I made a pact to be sure and see the movie at 7. So, on Wednesday, we all went to the Morrilton theatre and paid our $6 to get in (which is rather disappointing, that theatre has charged $5 for non-matinée movies as long as I can remember). It turns out that our determination to see the movie was well-rewarded, because the movie was really good. Of course, it’s the normal “over-the-top” kung-fu movie, but that would detriment is overtaken by the fact that it has both Jackie Chan AND Jet Li. =O

Basically, what I’m saying is that the story elements were a bit lacking, at best, but the martial artistry was in full force, and the choreography was top-notch. Definitely a good movie to see.

Movie Two (The Forbidden Kingdom): A-

Also, it turned out that the next day, The Forbidden Kingdom was no longer showing at the Morrilton theatre, so we lucked out. =)

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