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Last week, I saw two epic concerts.

The first was Foxboro Hot Tubs. Holy shit, this could quite possibly be one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen. Foxboro Hot Tubs are a side project of Green Day, which means it’s basically their excuse so that they can play different music styles. =P This stuff had a very garageband sound. The guitar reminded me a lot of The Strokes.

The concert itself was basically awesome incarnate. What made it even better was that the friends I was with and I were literally on the stage. The only way I could have been closer to the band was to be in the band. ;) But that’s not to say the band got involved with the crowd. Billy Joe Armstrong crowd surfed at least four times, and he spilled beer on me at least three. The bassist would take cans of beer from the crowd and downed them, as well.

Speaking of crowd-surfing, a ton of people crowd-surfed just to get on the stage, and the band was cool about it. (If available), they would shake the people’s hands and stuff. Billy Joe made out with three girls on stage (one of whom went to my high school <_<), and someone gave the band a bag of gifts. The security people were not very happy, though. They basically tackled half the people who got up to the stage. Another thing... the security team had to place sooooo many bottle of alcohol for the band. For example, one placed a bottle for the rhythm guitarist, but Billy Joe saw it and took it, but before the guitarist even knew it was there (let alone gone), there was another bottle up. That show is definitely in my top 10 or so shows. I didn't know any of the songs, but the atmosphere was so awesome. Definitely a must-see if they happen to be playing in your town. However, they're only playing 12 shows. =( The second show was Better Than Ezra at Riverfest. This show was really good, as well. Again, I didn’t know any of the songs previously (heresy, I know, to some people), but I still enjoyed it a friggin’ lot. Their songs were really good, and they did some amazing covers (I’m still trying to figure out that one damn song >:[ ). Then, the lead guy did an awesome killswitch solo to end it. Quite epic. We were going to see One Republic at R-fest, too, but then we learned that they’re just a watered-down version of Coldplay or Jack’s Manneuquin with extra people. >_>

Overall, last week was a good week for music.

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