Music and Travel and Updates, Oh My!

Y halo thar, Internet. It’s been a while, huh? I know I’m a horrible boyfriend, and that if this negligence doesn’t stop, then you’re going to dump me and go out with the crazy rocker guy down the street and be a rebel and…

Wait, what? Sorry, I got a little carried away there. But yeah… it’s been a while since I’ve reported in with my life or some random thing from digg or StumbleUpon. Much like a spy satellite over Canada, I have very little to report.

Pretty much the only thing exciting that’s happened since I last put the proverbial quill to paper on this blog are two concert I was in attendance for.

The first was Mae at the University of Arkansas (YAY! Free shows for the win) and the second was Anberlin, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Straylight Run, and There for Tomorrow in Oklahoma City.

Re: The First. Mae had to have the weirdest fucking opening act ever: The Memphis Pencils. Mullets, trombones, and heavy psychedelics are all the words I think I need to describe this band. I’m not sure if this video does the band justice, but it gives you a taste of what I saw that fateful night:

Other than that, Mae were fucking awesome. They had some sort of strange dancing contest, which provided for many lulz.

The second set of concerts, however, may quite possibly be the most epic string of four hours in my life. I was extremely scared for my life during SKSK. Anberlin fucking pwnd faces. I’m pretty sure I almost threw up a few times, I was screaming so hard during Anberlin. Which makes it all the more epic.

That’s all I got for now. I know that’s pretty much the anti-climax for a blog post, but I’ve got nothing, and it’s late which means I need to go to sleep. I’ll try not to be so slacking in my updating duties for you, Internet. Just don’t leave me! :3

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