Origami Castle

This is incredible:

Origami Castle

Wataru Ito, 25, started building the ‘Castle on the Ocean’ when he became bored during his exams. Using only a knife and glue, the art student built an entire cityscape by cutting and folding hundreds of pages of craft paper. The central tower is surrounded by a cathedral, school, theme park, factory and airport and comes complete with electrical lights and a moving train. The finished piece is now being displayed for the first time at an exhibition on the island of Umihotaru, near Tokyo, Japan. But Wataru, a second year student at Tokyo University of the Arts, says he will set his work on fire when the show is over. He said: “I am devoted while I am working on my projects but I quickly lose interest when I complete them. “When the exhibition is over I will burn the castle. “I thought I could see it rising up from the ashes if I took a video and played it backwards.”

Props, man. Props.

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