This One’s Totally Shooped

Pretty awesome stuff. Found on this guy’s tumblr. Go thank him.

In other news, I’m done with yet another semester of college. Grades aren’t out until Tuesday, though (I think).

In other other news, irssi + Screen = Awesomeness. Come to think of it, if you use the terminal on *nix at all, Screen is motherfucking awesome..

That, ladies and gentlemen, brings about the end of yet another totally random blog post. In the near future, I might be making more “random” entries of stuff I’ve found whilst browsing our lovely Interbutts.

EDIT: WordPress is making me trip balls, man. I most certainly did not apply the “College Sucks” category to this post when I published it. I only checked the box next to “Flowing Tubes”. I come back, and there it is! Mocking me from it’s snug location in the “From the ____ Department” portion of my blog entry. However, perhaps since I mentioned being done with college it automatically added it? I don’t know, and it’s certainly too late at night (too early in the morning?) to ponder the ramifications of WordPress’s pseudo-AI. For now, I leave you be, WP-9000.

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