Well, Now We Know…

As least we now know that horse sex is safe and won’t give one AIDS.


6 thoughts on “Well, Now We Know…”

  1. Well, at least we know that we are raising our hate-filled children with as much bigotry as we ourselves were raised with. A job well done. I look forward to seeing this little girl in hell.

  2. this. is. weird.

    poor kid. no chance to live normally.

    i really like to know what else is written there. and i really like to beat up his/her parents.

  3. I wish I could read the hypothesis, but even more so the procedure. How did this kid discover horse sex was AIDS free I wonder?

    Anyway, she got a medal. XD

  4. I /think/ this kid has a point. A Colbert-ish kind of a point. I think he/she is just making fun of all the fundies with the horse thing. Basically saying, “having sex with horse doesnt give you aids, but that doesnt mean its a good thing either.”

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