A Blast from the Past

I was recently going through my some of my old content on my StumbleUpon account, and I discovered this gem of a rant I wrote way back in the day on the website Jesus Is Savior [dot] com. Now, I know what you’re thinking already, “How can he be ranting about a Christian site?” Believe me, unless you’re very extremist, when you look at this page, then you’ll probably think (roughly) the same. This is exactly the kind of people that do not need to be on the Internet. I hope you enjoy, especially those of you who’ve been asking for me to write up a rant (you know who you are :P ).

Wow. That’s all that really needs to be said about this page, but that would be no fun. This is the perfect example of the crazy radical version of Christianity that wackos have created in which everything but what they believe in (which is limited to their wack interpretation of the Bible, and not much else) is of the devil.

Public Schools are the devil, Television is the Devil, Queen is the Devil, Johhny Cash is the Devil, Dolly Parton is the Devil. The Backstreet Boys, n*SYNC, and Brittney Spears are the Devil (though I tend to agree with that :D ).

They then go on to say that the Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe is of the devil. Are these people so blind? TL, TW, and TW is basically a re-telling of the story of Jesus’s crucifiction. Think all that stuff with the Stone Table was there for looks? Gah! But it has mythological references, so it must be of the Devil! Good grief, is it of the Devil to have an imagination, as well? If it were up to these people (and I use the term loosely), then yes, it would be quite illegal. Oh yeah, Walt Disney is a Satanist and a pervert, too. They say this because of some coincidence in the artwork. (If you want to see some examples of the stupidity, look here, and scroll down to the Walt Disney section.

And apparently there are only nine commandments and Catholocism is “The Biggest Cult in the World.” And it, of course, is of the Devil. News flash: your “religion” has its roots (however distantly) in Catholocism. And I apologize to the Catholics for even suggesting that these crazies are even remotely related to Catholocism.

Also, on their “How to go to Heaven” page, they have plenty of Biblical quotes on “Man is a sinner” and “There is a price on sin, eternal death in hell”, but they couldn’t find a single one for “By faith in Jesus Christ we can be saved.”

If you feel like it, you can contact those involved here. I don’t really imagine what you would want to, though. I’m sure you’d get an email back saying something like, “ZOMG!11!1one L13k Ur g0|ng t0 |-|3ll”. Some people just don’t need to have any contact with the outside world… On the subject of people involved, at least you know that good web designers aren’t of the wacko “Everyone is Going to Hell” variety of “Christian”. The page design almost wanted me to gouge my eyes with a spork. (A dull spork…from KFC!)

Wow… that turned out to be much longer than I anticipated… Well, I guess (if these people are right) that I’m going to Hell. Well (if they’re right), I suppose everone else on the planet is going there, as well, so I won’t be alone, at least. :P

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