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So, I’ve finally been to all my classes I have this semester (other than my Biology Lab), and I think this semester is pretty much going to suck. If you don’t know, you can see what stuff I’m taking this year in this older post.

Most of my teachers this year are… eccentric, at best. My Bio teacher is definitely of the strange type (it’s not a “describable in words” type of thing, though, so I won’t go into that one). My Speech teacher is another of the types like the Bio teacher, but he does voices, if that tells you anything. The Geography teacher is pretty cool, but whenever he says something regarding another religion/culture/etc., he says, “I’m not saying it’s good/bad, right/wrong, that’s just how it is.” And he says that quite often. It gets a bit annoying.

My writing teacher, though, has to take the cake. Her strangeness is describable, because it’s a physical weirdness. Whenever she’s giving a lecture, when she looks to the side of the class, or when she looks down at her notes or the computer, her eyes are open and fine, but whenever she looks towards the students in the class, her eyes are about 90% closed, and they twitch like crazy. It looks like we’re causing her to have a seizure or something. It’s definitely one of the weirdest things I’ve seen.

This semester is going to be interesting, for sure.

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