AP Chemistry Sucks

Today, I took the last of my AP tests, and man… was it bad. I answered 32 out of 75 questions (and problably not all of them were right). And the essay section was even worse. I knew how to do probably 15% of the entire essay section. But it’s OK, because I went in there going… “All right, we haven’t had a teacher to teach us the material in one of the ‘required’ essays… I really don’t like chemistry all that much, anyways… I really don’t know anything we were supposed to learn while the teacher was away on maternity leave (she gave us worksheets that were obviously meant for review to learn the material)… and most importantly, the test really doesn’t matter in the long run. (Of course, if I had done well on the test, I could have gotten credit hours for chemistry, but…) All that was required was that I took test and I get the 5-point weighted credit for the class.

So… I pretty much read through the test and did the stuff I was fairly sure I knew what I was doing… and then slept. Although I’m pretty sure I did more work than Bryant, though. I though I had finished quicly everytime, but whenever I got finished with the section, I would look around, and every time, he would already be asleep.

After that, I went with Elena, Christy, Brad, and Johnathan, and we ate at Penjamos… it was really good. (I got the chimichaunga, it was excellent.) Then we proceeded to Elena’s church, where we played Sardines, and Elena was declared the master of Sardines… we couldn’t find her for 45(!!!) minutes! After that me and Johnathan went over to Clent’s house and worked on a secret project for Days of the Geek. It should be revaled on the site soon, so be on the lookout for that. (I can attest, it’ll be pretty friggin’ sweet.)

Then, I came and updated my Xanga and wrote: “Today, I took the last of my AP tests…” but you know the rest of that. So, yeah… if you ever take any advice from me, make this be the advice you take: Don’t take Chemistry! If you can, don’t even take regular of Pre-AP chemistry, unless you have to prepare for your major or something. It will drain your life away from you (or something equally sick…). DON’T TAKE IT!!! I swear, you’ll have to sacrifice your firstborn to slate its thirst for blood or something… it’s that bad. </over-acting>

But now I can rest easy knowing that I have one school function I have to attend… mwahaha (Graduation, for ye slow of mind).

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