What is it With Xanga?

A few of the readers recognized my last post as a copy and paste from my old blog. I was both awed and amazed for two reasons:
1) That people actually know about my old blog.
2) That people have actually read said old blog. (Even I haven’t read it in at least 3 weeks, and I’m the owner of it. )

Over the years (actually it’s only been about a year since I got my first blog) I’ve had two blogs, other that Xanga. I’ve had one blog that’s been deleted (due to a server crash) and another blog on WordPress.com.

And that got me thinking: What’s the deal with Xanga? I’ve made more posts, more frequently, and in less time that both of my previous two blogs put together. What is it about the Xanga community that makes me want to update? To tell the truth, I’ve yet to figure it out. It baffles me greatly, and I just don’t know what makes Xanga so special. Maybe my readers can give me some insight on the vast mystery that is Xanga…

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