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  1. WTH TOM… of course Fe is iron, that’s because iron was previously known as ferrum (latin)… also, you might know that a ferris wheel is named after a device used in iron works, by oh yes, a ferris is an iron worker… FE dumbass.

  2. Tom, i think you’ve missed the point. Fe (aka Iron) is not properly called “Iron” in a compound. It is referred to as either Ferric or Ferrous depending on it’s charge.

    The pun here being an exchange between “Ferrous” and “Ferris”

  3. Lol! Great!

    To Tom:
    Fe is iron, but Ferrous is used when talking about a certain iron ion, so it’s true.

  4. Tom, Fe is iron, but the Latin root is ferrum. Try not to be smart on the internet. Odds are, there is someone out there that knows you are wrong.

  5. I rofled my waffle while lofling my snofl

    Why do the irons only have 1 lone pair, shouldn’t they have two?!

    And those two at the bottom! They have three single bonds and a double bond! That’s TEN electrons!! TOOO MAAAAANY OH NOOOOOO!!!!!

  6. Oh yah, and Tom, screw you. In fact, for that comment, I hope you burn. I hope you burn for a long, painful, horrifying period of time. I hope you learn to RUE THE DAY you made that comment. I hope you know you broke your mom’s heart, Tom, you SOULESS BASTARD!

    Seriously guys, chill…



  8. Tom’s a pretty classy guy. He’s obviously someone to which you couldn’t hold a candle, jack. Give him a bre

  9. I’m not quite sure… is the content of this page important because of the ferrous wheel, or Tom’s successful troll?

    Thumbs-up, either way!

  10. Actually… Ash Frog, it is Ferrous or Ferric depending on the oxidation state of the iron. You can have a compound in which Iron has an oxidation state of +2 or +3. When the Oxidation state of Iron is +2 it is Ferrous such as in FeCl2 or Ferrous Chloride. When Iron’s oxidation state is +3 it is Ferric, such as FeCl3 or Ferric Chloride. The ultimate point I’m trying to get at here is that Tom is a dumbass and completely missed the joke, and that I am way nerdier than all you bitches.

  11. Shut up and leave Tom alone jeez. Humans make mistakes. Stop flaming him for one petty mistake. It makes you happy that you’re smarter than someone doesn’t it?

  12. I’m pretty sure Tom just stated a fact the Fe was iron he was not asking a question you guys are insame.

  13. To Anon: Please learn to spell before sending people back to CHEMISTRY. You may want to consider a English or grammar course.

  14. @Joe
    Lol, adjective.

    Anyway, why is everyone pissed at Tom? He just said “Fe is iron” and he’s right.

  15. Just to give tom a short reprieve, this is directed towards anon. The ferris wheel was named after George Ferris Jr. The iron worker thing is a coincidence. George Ferris was the engineer who designed it for the Chicago world’s fair.

  16. Actually oxygen can have that many bonds. It could be ionised sufficiently, or could form dative covalent bonds with the iron. Learn to chemistry.

  17. Shouldn’t “Learn to chemistry” be “Learn to DO chemistry?”

    Learn to grammar. :P

  18. Hehe. At first, I thought is said: “Ferrel Weasel”. I thought the spokes at the bottom were whiskers.

  19. haha

    Whether or not it’s chemically correct, i think the idea is still funny… and I’m a chem major.

  20. “But you don’t draw a covalent bonding structure for a metallic compound.”

    Which is why we have oxygen in there, making it not a metallic compound. Also, Iron is a transition metal if I’m not mistaken, meaning it doesn’t work like lithium or Magnesium or w/e.

  21. the oxygen has 12 electrons on it… which even a chem retard knows is too much, learn to chemistry before you tell others to do so

  22. >>Shouldn’t “Learn to chemistry” be “Learn to DO chemistry?”

    Actually, it is “learn to chemistry”. It’s internet slang.

  23. Er… when I posted my response to Tom way back, I couldn’t see any other responses, so I just assumed I would be the first. Sadly, I was mistaken, sorry Tom!

  24. It’s ridiculous. I know this isn’t the point of the drawing, but, there are way too many electrons on that oxygen. The octet rule says that there have to be 8 electrons, and here there are like…12. Just turn the double bonds into single bonds. And that’s true for the 2 Fe atoms the oxygen is connected to too. It might not make the picture look as good, but it’d be correct.

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