Cardboard Boat Racing

Yup, it’s that time of year again. Team Flower Power keeping it real, defending our title of best team for cardboard boat demolition.

For those of you who don’t believe me, it’s very possible for cardboard to float. In fact, a nearby town hosts a “get together”, if you will, of cardboard boats and puts on cardboard boat racing, demolition, and other assorted venues of merriment.

And yes. This is my third year being involved with these shenanigans. Our team, Flower Power (originally coming from the friend who introduced the art to me… ‘s sister), has won the demolition derby three years in a row personally, and a fourth if you consider the “Dads” team that won it the year before ours. This year’s competition was held on Saturday, July 25 at the famous Sandy Beach.

Pictures and more info after the break.

Our theme this year was “Cardboard Boats Make Tiger Roar”, whose reference should become blatantly obvious after viewing this YouTube video:

Pretty lol. Now pix!


Pretty effin’ sweet. You guys should feel special, getting a glimpse into the where the magic happens.

Finished Product / Demo Time

Apparently, each year of the race has “themes” which we never seem to know about. This year’s theme was “Vikings” or some mythological something like that. Here we have Brunhilda (not THE Brunhilda, for those in the know), an Orc and some other guys:

And of course, being in Arkansas, there’s the obligatory Razorback boat (this one actually won the “Pride of the Fleet Award” — and I have to admit, that paintjob was fucking awesome):

Moar viking stuff:

Shamu’s Nordic?

We built a cardboard house on-site (The robot was not made on-site). The house was originally a joke, but turned out to be pretty useful:

Sand sculpting contest:

We had a little fun. We didn’t care at all about the racing portion of the day (you have to complete at least one heat in the race to qualify for the demo) , so we made some “fishing poles” and tried to catch something for lunch:

Doing a bit of repair work to the boat after the first (and only) heat of the race with some duct tape. Note the awesome shirts:

Team pic:

Pretty sweet pic ‘o mah friend:


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