Cardboard Boat Racing

Yup, it’s that time of year again. Team Flower Power keeping it real, defending our title of best team for cardboard boat demolition.

For those of you who don’t believe me, it’s very possible for cardboard to float. In fact, a nearby town hosts a “get together”, if you will, of cardboard boats and puts on cardboard boat racing, demolition, and other assorted venues of merriment.

And yes. This is my third year being involved with these shenanigans. Our team, Flower Power (originally coming from the friend who introduced the art to me… ‘s sister), has won the demolition derby three years in a row personally, and a fourth if you consider the “Dads” team that won it the year before ours. This year’s competition was held on Saturday, July 25 at the famous Sandy Beach.

Pictures and more info after the break.
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‘Snow Beautiful

Weather in Arkansas, it’s insane. Yesterday, it was roughly sixty degrees outside. This morning, it snowed. This afternoon / evening, it was back up to sixty again. The snow had mostly melted by the time I went to lunch. Oh, silly, silly Arkansas weather.

However, I was able to take quite a few pictures while it was still in full force. Check ’em out on the full page.

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Fanboys are Lulz

Holy shit, what is this!?! Like four updates in less than two weeks? OMGOMGOMGOMG.

Microeconomics test (possibly) mentioned earlier was head-assploding. But that is not the topic of this entry.

The true meaning of this post is to show everyone who stumbles upon this place F@NB0Y$, quite possibly one of the best webcomics in recent memory (the other is Sinfest, which I’m nowhere near caught up with). I have spent nearly the entire afternoon perusing the comic archive of said site. It’s a relatively new webcomic (April 2006), and only has 261 strips up, but it’s really well done. Too bad the author is currently on “break” (he’s not releasing another entry until sometime in March, from what I gather [damn you, writer’s strike… oh wait, wrong medium. Move along.])

But either way, you should read the comic. GOGOGO. Srsly.