Fanboys are Lulz

Holy shit, what is this!?! Like four updates in less than two weeks? OMGOMGOMGOMG.

Microeconomics test (possibly) mentioned earlier was head-assploding. But that is not the topic of this entry.

The true meaning of this post is to show everyone who stumbles upon this place F@NB0Y$, quite possibly one of the best webcomics in recent memory (the other is Sinfest, which I’m nowhere near caught up with). I have spent nearly the entire afternoon perusing the comic archive of said site. It’s a relatively new webcomic (April 2006), and only has 261 strips up, but it’s really well done. Too bad the author is currently on “break” (he’s not releasing another entry until sometime in March, from what I gather [damn you, writer’s strike… oh wait, wrong medium. Move along.])

But either way, you should read the comic. GOGOGO. Srsly.

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