Busy Week

Blarg. Today was a really bad day for me. I woke up, felt like shit, and almost fell asleep in every one of my classes.

If that was the end of it, that would be a regular Monday / Wednesday / Friday for me. As I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, that’s not all. First, I learned that a project in my “Desktop Decisions Support Technology” class (which roughly translates to English as “How to use Microsoft Excel and Access”) that I thought was due next week is actually due on Wednesday. It’s not that bad (actually, it probably only took me about an hour to get to where I am now, which is one step from completing it; however, to complete that step, I have to wait for someone to message me back on Facebook to tell me how to do that, because our instructor is a douchebag who is shit at explaining things), but I wish I had known about that before this morning (I should have, but I never really looked at the syllabus :|).

Secondly, in my Microeconomics class, I learned our next test is on Friday, which I also though wasn’t until much later. This also means that a ton of homework is going to be due on Aplia (an online homework thing). Looking now, there’s five problem sets due. Last time, I had three due, and it took me about 4 hours. >_< I also have the regular homework that I have to do for Accounting this week, as well. In other news, I'm going to be really busy this week. =/

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