More Change is a Comin’

I suppose it was inevitable, really. Once I got away from all teh overhead that is Drupal, it was only a short time before I came back to the de-facto blog software out on the internets, Word Press. The reason is simple, really. Textpattern (the software I used for maybe a month) was just too… labyrinthine. To write a post, I had to open two pages, and refresh one of them at least once to get it right. Though, this wasn’t the only reason. I found out that Word Press has a nifty Importer from Textpattern, which made the switch rather tempting.

I did have to do some “hacking” to get it to work. First, I had to start out with an older version of Word Press because the default importer is rather borked. So, I found a blog post detailing how to correctly import the old DB. The reason that I had to have an old version (2.1, to be exact), is because the import mechanism changed between 2.1.x and 2.2.x. So, I got the old version, imported the database, and then installed the newest version and updated the schema. Not too hard.

I picked out a theme (I think it’s pretty sweet), and installed a few plugins, and I’m on my way to making posts and stuff on a new “medium.” Hope you guys enjoy the new stuff. Maybe this will give me a reason to actually update every once in a while now. :P

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