The New Year is Upon Us!

So, yup. As I write this, I am officially 14 minutes into the new year. How do I feel? No different than 15 minutes ago, when it was still 2006. How did I spend the night, you may ask? Partying? Drinking? Enjoying the company of some fine hookers… er… ladies of the night?

Nope, none of that for me. In fact, I think this is the least-celebrated New Years I’ve ever had. Usually, I at least do something with my family or friends. Last year, I think I was at one of my friend’s house, and we watched the New Year’s Ball in Times Square drop and played some Halo. The year before, I think my family went to Conway, where they had a little New Years downtown. But this year, there was none of that hullabaloo for me.

I sat at home and watched TV, until about 11:30, then I got on my computer and wrote my friend a message on Facebook. That lasted until about 11:55 (yeah, it really was that long), when I got on MSN Messenger/IRC to wish everyone I knew a Happy New Years.

All in all, a rather boring night, I must admit. And after all that, I still feel the exact same as I did at now 24 minutes ago, when it was still good ‘ole 2006.

I hope all of you who read this had a much more exciting New Years than I, and you also have a wonderful 2007.

Movie Time!

Yesterday, I went with my friend Clent to the semi-local movie theatre and watched Eragon.

I thought it was a pretty good movie.

Now, I warn you beforehand that I have had absolutely no experience with the book. The closest I’ve gotten to reading it is looking at the cover. Thus, I don’t want any feedback to the tune of, “How could you like that piece of crap, the book was so much better?!?” After watching the movie, I may now pick it up at the library sometime.

Now, on to the review. And forgive me for not knowing the names.

First of all, I think the audio/visual effects from the movie were done quite well. In the visual side, I think the dragon was rendered quite well, and the Shade’s magic was also well-conceived. On the audio portion, the music was really good, and fit with the movie quite well. If you know me, you know that music is “my thing”, and a movie has to have good music or else it takes me out of the experience. I’m happy to say that this movie’s music didn’t do that.

The storyline seemed sort of bland, the usual fantasy “you’re the chose one, now you’re destined to save the world” type of story. I’m not saying it was bad, but it seemed like a variant of the millions of other similar story lines out there in the fantasy genre.

Finally, the one major thing that wasn’t well-done in my opinion was the acting. Some of it was superb. Eragon, the old dragon-rinding guy, and the Shade-man were extremely good choices for the characters, in my opinion. However, some of the characters just seemed to be “over-acted”, expecially the dragon’s voice. It seemed that the voice actor tried too hard to make the voice “dragon-like”, and it just didn’t come off as a good job in acting. Another character that I didn’t like was the King. I got the impression that this guy was supposed to be a dark, foreboding evil emperor, but all I got was this seemingly weak guy. Sure, I suppose that the physical appearance of the guy was good, but his voice was not “right”.

All-in-all, it was a good movie, and if you’re a fan of the fantasy genre, I would definitely recommend it.

Rating: B+


As you should know, yesterday (December 25) was Christmas Day, that wonderful time of the year were you get together with your family/friends/random other people you know and just enjoy their presence, and eat, share experience, and maybe even open presents. Yes, it’s a lovely time of the year.

So, this Christmas was, for me, mediocre… at best. (extra points if you recognized the Homestar Runner reference there) Sure, I loved to get together with my family (on both sides) and the food was good, but the presents weren’t all that good this year. Sure I got the two things that I really only wanted for Christmas (more later), but other than that, I didn’t get much else good.

At my dad’s side of the family’s gathering, we had the traditional Christmas meal (at least for us): ham, turkey, dressing (some call it stuffing). Pretty much Thanksgiving dinner + ham.

At my mom’s side of the family’s gathering, we had something totally not traditional. We decided to have a Mexican-style meal (some people call the style of food Tex-Mex). It was definitely a different experience, but the food was really good (especially this one thing that someone had made that was like a taco, but instead of a taco shell, the taco meat was held inside a croissant shell. It was completely amazing).

So, onto the haul: a ton of candy, a few My Sonic Cards, a couple of shirts, some flannel sleeping pants, an Xbox Live 12-month Gold Subscription card, and the Holy Grail of this year’s Christmas presents, a 23 inch HDTV. (In case you were wondering, it was the Xbox live subscription and the HDTV that I really wanted for Christmas.)

So, yes, even though I really wanted the TV, there wasn’t much surprise in it. In fact, about 3 weeks earlier, I went with my mom to CompUSA to pick it out. And for the past two weeks or so, I’ve been messing with it, because I was like, “I already know about my present, may I just use it?” to which my parents replied, “Sure.” (Alright, there was a little more to that exchange, but I won’t bore you with the details.) So, for a while, I’ve been using it to watch videos on my computer and DVDs. I must say that it is very sweet. I can’t wait to go back to college and use it with my roomate’s Xbox 360. (Hi-Def + 360 + Gears of War = gasmic.)

So, although the present portion of this year’s Christmas wasn’t all that good, the part with food and family was great, which more than makes up for the mediocrity.

For those who read this blog, I hope you had/will have a wonderful Holiday Season, no matter what religion you follow/holiday you celebrate this time of the year.


Fanbois are R-Tards

For those of you who don’t know, I am what I would consider an “active” member of the Halo Glitching/Tricking forum High Impact Halo. Now, being a whole site based on a game for the Xbox (and subsequently, the Xbox 360), one wouldn’t expect much support for the new Playstation 3. Even I, one who really doesn’t care about the console wars, think that Sony has really messed it up with this one. I won’t get into the details on why I don’t like the PS3, as most of my opinions will be made in the post I made on HIH that I will mention and quote, so there’s not much reason to re-write it here.

Back to the rant on fanboism. So, to put things in perspective, someone on HIH made a thread on how they were excited about getting a new PS3. I hope they immediately donned their flame-protective suits, because those armed with flames were instantly on the thread. In three days, the thread has gotten over 100 replies (quite a feat), most of them bashing the PS3, with the original poster and about 3 others defending the PS3.

Here’s a selection of quotes from the would-be “flamers”:

I feel bad for you, unless you already have a 360.

Yeah… I hope you weren’t wanting MGS:4 on your PS3. Rumor has that it’s only a 360 exclusive now…

sony lost their best game.. HA

(By the way, this is completely false. Though there will be a version for the 360, it will come far later than the PS3 version.)

Break it up girls, it’s just a $600 paperwight.

We dont like [the PS3] because it is crap. The games blow, the controllers still blow, the size blows and the price blows. Nothing about it is good.

It really got bad when a member calling himself “billygoat920“ started flaming the PS3 whenever he had the chance. He would make posts, people would refute his claims, and then he would be “cool” and just flame more. Some of the creamy nuggets of flame-kissed goodness he made:

Why did you post that picture? I don’t get it.
A grill next to a 360…?
Oooooooh, now I see it! The little Gaystation symbol.
Ok, nvm then.

Did you seriously just give me credit for the Grill joke. Seriously. Cuz I’ll take it.

And let me just say, the PS3 is a gaming device, but Sony, the company that makes it, is HORRIBLE.

What a retard. So, then, I proceeded to make a fool of his fanboism. Since it’s much too long to paste here, I’ll just give a link to said post. Of course, he resumed the stupidity in his next post.

Some people just don’t know how to handle an actual discussion. They just spit out the same old arguments that they think sound good, when in all actuality, they’re just making themselves appear more stupid. Fanbois have my pity.

Apparently, the staff has taken note of the thread, and although one of my Moderator-friends has said that it won’t be deleted, I’ve made a copy of it in its entirety, just in case. Below are links to all the pages. They’re just a straight save of the page from Firefox, so don’t expect any of the links to work if the thread is deleted, or for it to look exactly right. But a copy is a copy, no matter what.

Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

New Domain!

Though you may not have noticed it, dear reader, I’ve changed domains for my blog. It has finally found it’s last resting place (no, it’s not dead) at I finally took the initiative to buy some hosting and a domain to put this puppy on. Now my only problem is to figure out what to do with all the extra bandwidth.

I would really like to thank Jordan (some of you may know him as Shdw Shinobi) of Adelais Hosting for putting up with me and walking me through the process of setting things up, even when there were a few un-wanted snags along the way. I would also take this time to pimp the Adelais services, as they are top notch. If you’re in need for some hosting, I would definitely recommend Adelais first and foremost.

Don’t worry, though, if you’ve directed someone to the old domain, it will redirect here. Though I would greatly appreciate it if you update any of your bookmarks or links that you have made.

The Wiimote Working on the Playstation 3

A Japanese Group has taken it upon themselves to do the unthinkable — to get the Wiimote to work on the Playstation 3. And they’ve succeeded. To get it to work, the group wrote a Wiimote driver for Linux, and ported that driver over to the version of Linux that the PS3 runs (it wasn’t made clear whether it was the official Yellow Dog Linux, Fedora Core, or Gentoo, all of which have been reported to work with the PS3).

There’s not much information on the announcement page except for a few screenshots and pictures of the Wiimote hooked up to the PS3, and the driver information page, but it looks to be legit.

Now, on to my argument: Why? I mean, seriously, it’s not like you’re even going to be close to playing any PS3 game while using the Wiimote. Unless they make like a Wii Emulator for the PS3 (which would be cool, but pretty useless especially considering that you cna almost get 3 Wiis for the cost of one PS3), then there’s really no point to having the ability to hook up your Wiimote to your PS3. I suppose it’s one of those, “Hey, look what we can do!” things, but there’s no purpose, really.


I recently upgraded this installation to Drupal 5.0 RC-1. Everything appeared to go fine, but if any of you happen to run into errors, please tell me, and I’ll try to get it fixed.

And now, for a random quote from IRC:

[Geary] ……ow

This Shitfuck is the Reason Jack Tompson Makes a Living

This was Tyrone Spellman’s explanation to police: He “snapped” after he thought his daughter had broken a $600 Xbox game console.

Alayiah Turman was only 17 months old, born March 29, 2005. Spellman beat her to death, prosecutors say.

In an alleged confession read at his preliminary hearing yesterday, Spellman, 25, said he was playing one of Tom Clancy’s “Ghost Recon” games – a violent combat epic – in a front bedroom of his family’s Brewerytown home that Thursday morning, Sept. 7. He had taken Alayiah into the room so her mother, Mia Turman, could rest.

“She pulled the cord and the whole game console fell over,” Spellman said in his statement, read by Homicide Detective John Cummings. “I thought it was broken. I popped her in the face. I picked her up and tossed her in a chair.”

I usually don’t use such language as that featured in my post’s title, but this guy deserves it. I mean seriously, if you kill your own child because they knock over something — even if it’s an expensive item — then you deserve to rot in prison for the rest of your life.

If you don’t know, I’m an avid video gamer. I like to play the occasional Halo, your Half Life 2’s, even your Gears of Wars. However, I don’t take things that happen in the games back with me when I return to reality-land. I don’t try to shoot cops on the street, I don’t pick up hookers in my crazy sports car, and then shoot the when I’m done with “the act” to get my money back, and I don’t carry around a large enough arsenal to equip a large army. I know what things are in the normal confines of good behavior, and things that are not, and killing your own spawn is not in the list of good things.

Let’s hope this guy decides to permanently remove his genes from the human gene pool. We should give him a reward or something posthumously if he decides to do that…


Yes, folks that wonderful time of the year is fast approaching. And though I wish I were talking about Christmas in this entry, I’m not, unfortunately. The (not) wonderful time I’m talking about is college finals week. Yes, unfortunately, I have Finals this week, and I really don’t feel like doing anything remotely related to studying.

This weekend I spent forever on a Bonus project for Computer Science… I had one tiny problem, and I finally figured it out after hours of deliberation. I won’t bore you with the details, but suffice it to say that it was a gay problem, and one that was luckily really easy to fix.

This weekend, however, I did go and pick up the TV I wanted for my Christmas present. You can see the secksiness here.

And so far, I have had no want to study for any of the tests I have. Though tomorrow is just Writing and no-calculator part of Calculus, so I don’t think there’s much for me to really study. Tomorrow will be different, however… Computer Science. Which I don’t think will be too bad, but I’m going to study just in case.

Wish me luck on the Finals!

ITT, Moar College Goodness

So, I finally got with my “Acadmic Advisor“, and got my schedule unfuxified. So, my new schedule is looking like I’m an undeclared major, instead of a declared one (which, for the record, I am… I’m majoring in Information Systems [haven’t decided on the track, though]).

So, t3h sched:

Academic Writing and Research (A fancy name for Comp II)
Basic Oral Communication (why can’t they just call it Speech?)
Geography of World Regions (jeez, guys… why don’t you make the course titles as long as possible? ¬_¬)
Concepts of Health and Fitness (I’m sensing a pattern of long names, here….)
Biology for General Education (that one’s not too bad)

And yes, just to reiterate, I have declared a Major. My schedule’s pretty easy, too. Monday is the hardest day, with Bio and KPED (the health class) back-to-back, and an hour break, and then the Bio lab, and Writing back-to-back. (That’s going to suck…) Tuesday and Thursday are gay-easy (“Mrs. Smith, are you insinuating that all gays are whores?”). With two classes back to back in the morning, and then I’m done. Wednesday and Friday are almost the same with Bio and KPED late in the morning, with Wednesday also having the Writing class late in the afternoon.

So, really, I don’t think my schedule will be too bad. I might actually have the free time to get a job next semester, and actually have something to do/have money. That’ll be fun.