As you should know, yesterday (December 25) was Christmas Day, that wonderful time of the year were you get together with your family/friends/random other people you know and just enjoy their presence, and eat, share experience, and maybe even open presents. Yes, it’s a lovely time of the year.

So, this Christmas was, for me, mediocre… at best. (extra points if you recognized the Homestar Runner reference there) Sure, I loved to get together with my family (on both sides) and the food was good, but the presents weren’t all that good this year. Sure I got the two things that I really only wanted for Christmas (more later), but other than that, I didn’t get much else good.

At my dad’s side of the family’s gathering, we had the traditional Christmas meal (at least for us): ham, turkey, dressing (some call it stuffing). Pretty much Thanksgiving dinner + ham.

At my mom’s side of the family’s gathering, we had something totally not traditional. We decided to have a Mexican-style meal (some people call the style of food Tex-Mex). It was definitely a different experience, but the food was really good (especially this one thing that someone had made that was like a taco, but instead of a taco shell, the taco meat was held inside a croissant shell. It was completely amazing).

So, onto the haul: a ton of candy, a few My Sonic Cards, a couple of shirts, some flannel sleeping pants, an Xbox Live 12-month Gold Subscription card, and the Holy Grail of this year’s Christmas presents, a 23 inch HDTV. (In case you were wondering, it was the Xbox live subscription and the HDTV that I really wanted for Christmas.)

So, yes, even though I really wanted the TV, there wasn’t much surprise in it. In fact, about 3 weeks earlier, I went with my mom to CompUSA to pick it out. And for the past two weeks or so, I’ve been messing with it, because I was like, “I already know about my present, may I just use it?” to which my parents replied, “Sure.” (Alright, there was a little more to that exchange, but I won’t bore you with the details.) So, for a while, I’ve been using it to watch videos on my computer and DVDs. I must say that it is very sweet. I can’t wait to go back to college and use it with my roomate’s Xbox 360. (Hi-Def + 360 + Gears of War = gasmic.)

So, although the present portion of this year’s Christmas wasn’t all that good, the part with food and family was great, which more than makes up for the mediocrity.

For those who read this blog, I hope you had/will have a wonderful Holiday Season, no matter what religion you follow/holiday you celebrate this time of the year.


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