Fanbois are R-Tards

For those of you who don’t know, I am what I would consider an “active” member of the Halo Glitching/Tricking forum High Impact Halo. Now, being a whole site based on a game for the Xbox (and subsequently, the Xbox 360), one wouldn’t expect much support for the new Playstation 3. Even I, one who really doesn’t care about the console wars, think that Sony has really messed it up with this one. I won’t get into the details on why I don’t like the PS3, as most of my opinions will be made in the post I made on HIH that I will mention and quote, so there’s not much reason to re-write it here.

Back to the rant on fanboism. So, to put things in perspective, someone on HIH made a thread on how they were excited about getting a new PS3. I hope they immediately donned their flame-protective suits, because those armed with flames were instantly on the thread. In three days, the thread has gotten over 100 replies (quite a feat), most of them bashing the PS3, with the original poster and about 3 others defending the PS3.

Here’s a selection of quotes from the would-be “flamers”:

I feel bad for you, unless you already have a 360.

Yeah… I hope you weren’t wanting MGS:4 on your PS3. Rumor has that it’s only a 360 exclusive now…

sony lost their best game.. HA

(By the way, this is completely false. Though there will be a version for the 360, it will come far later than the PS3 version.)

Break it up girls, it’s just a $600 paperwight.

We dont like [the PS3] because it is crap. The games blow, the controllers still blow, the size blows and the price blows. Nothing about it is good.

It really got bad when a member calling himself “billygoat920“ started flaming the PS3 whenever he had the chance. He would make posts, people would refute his claims, and then he would be “cool” and just flame more. Some of the creamy nuggets of flame-kissed goodness he made:

Why did you post that picture? I don’t get it.
A grill next to a 360…?
Oooooooh, now I see it! The little Gaystation symbol.
Ok, nvm then.

Did you seriously just give me credit for the Grill joke. Seriously. Cuz I’ll take it.

And let me just say, the PS3 is a gaming device, but Sony, the company that makes it, is HORRIBLE.

What a retard. So, then, I proceeded to make a fool of his fanboism. Since it’s much too long to paste here, I’ll just give a link to said post. Of course, he resumed the stupidity in his next post.

Some people just don’t know how to handle an actual discussion. They just spit out the same old arguments that they think sound good, when in all actuality, they’re just making themselves appear more stupid. Fanbois have my pity.

Apparently, the staff has taken note of the thread, and although one of my Moderator-friends has said that it won’t be deleted, I’ve made a copy of it in its entirety, just in case. Below are links to all the pages. They’re just a straight save of the page from Firefox, so don’t expect any of the links to work if the thread is deleted, or for it to look exactly right. But a copy is a copy, no matter what.

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2 thoughts on “Fanbois are R-Tards”

  1. I just went down a Halo 2 nostalgia rabbit hole, googled my ancient internet name, and found this.

    I am billygoat920.

    …and I’m so sorry! I was 13ish years old at the time. It’s pretty surreal (and embarrassing af) to read posts that I made when I was _literally_ half my current age. Sorry for being such a toxic troll lol, I loved HIH.

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