Woo, Job

I finally got a job. It’s only temporary (tomorrow’s actually my last day after only working with them for ten days), though, but it’s still decent.

The downside is that I’ve worked soooo much the past nine days. I’m almost at 50 hours in 5 days alone.

More on this development when I’m less tired and can type more than five words without messing something up.

In a completely unrelated note, WordPress 2.6 is out, so I’ll have to upgrade my software in the very near future. Expect some downtime when that happens.

Roofing, Yum

So, over the weekend, I helped my dad install roofing shingles on my Grandmother’s house (I’ll continue tomorrow afternoon after classes, too =/).

If that shit doesn’t make you want to ensure that you get a college education, I don’t what will.