Roofing, Yum

So, over the weekend, I helped my dad install roofing shingles on my Grandmother’s house (I’ll continue tomorrow afternoon after classes, too =/).

If that shit doesn’t make you want to ensure that you get a college education, I don’t what will.

3 thoughts on “Roofing, Yum”

  1. Allright, I’m good. So yeah…. the scren was really annoying, and it took you even more out of the experienc than you already were. So what’s the moral of the story for today kids? Don’t go wast you money on seeing An American Haunting. As someone said, “go spend your money on better entertainment, like getting a blowjob from a hooker with herpes.” ° Or something like that…

    Yeah, it sucked that bad…. No pun intended, of course.
    ° Supposedly atrributed to Clent Stracner, though that’s yet to be confirmed

    that is a blast from the past

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