Not Yet Dead

Hey guys! As the title would indicate, I’m not yet dead. The past few days have been simultaneously very exciting and very boring for me — starting with last weekend, the Beale Street Music Fest. I’ve watched two movies and been over to one of my friend’s houses everyday over the past four days. I’ve been job hunting (oh, the Joys of Summer), reformatting my laptop and re-installing Windows XP, and all sorts of other goodies.

So, you may be wondering, “What the hell is wrong with this guy?” How can he be bored after doing all of that? Well, besides those things, my life has been incredibly boring at home — internets = dialup, no Xbox 360 [It caught the RRoD bug =( ], and parents being mildly annoying. Just a day in the life, I guess.

But that also means I have quite a bit to write about, so be on the lookout for at least three more articles from me over the next day or so, and possibly even a guest blogger on the horizon. So, keep an eye peeled. ;)

2 thoughts on “Not Yet Dead”

  1. @anon: I actually had Linux installed on it previous to this reformat. I decided to go back for a few reasons (the main one being that I can’t get my modem working in Linux [yes, I have dialup, but only when I’m home from school], and I was tired of messing with the family computer for Internets.

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