Theme Change… Again!

I’m changing the theme for my site back to this older one.

Although I kinda liked the idea of the “quick posting” that the other one seemed to be going for, I think this theme is much more “blog-ish” and fits better overall.

In other blog updating news, you may now leave comments with an OpenID. If you don’t know what that means, read here. You can thank StackOverflow for making me really find OpenID useful. I hope you do, too.

Unrelated, but I there were some pretty sweet deals on Newegg for Black Friday (which makes me excited for Cyber Monday), some of which I took advantage of, like an 800w UPS for $119 and two 1.5TB hard drives for $59 each.

Fairly stoked about those.

Keep Out of the Deep End…

… you might just end up preggers!

At least that’s the claim of Magdalena Kwiatkowska, a Polish woman vacationing in Egypt. While at the hotel, her daughter (age 13) apparently caught that nasty prego virus while taking a refreshing dip in the guest pool. The mother (of course) adamantly refuses to admit that her daughter could have *gasp* had sexual relations with a boy whilst on vacation. Sperm floating around the kiddie pool is far more believable.