Cram Session

Well, tomorrow (Saturday, 3-11-06), is our Quiz Bowl team’s regionals, and since I’m the “Music and Computers Guy, ” I’ve been having a major cram session tonight. First, I fired up good-ole’ Firefox and loaded Wikipedia. I did a quick seach for Symphonies and easily found a great reference. I did the same for operas and musical, and again, both searches turned out great.

That’s the beauty of Wikipedia. In normal encyclopedias, you wouldn’t find such lists that are great to start your research in, you would have to look up every composer, and even then, you probably wouldn’t get a list as detailed as the Wikipedia ones.

It took me three pages to find out enough information to fill out 111 cards… 111! Try finding 111 card’s-worth of information on sypmhonies, musicals, and operas on three pages in a regular encyclopedia set. I dare you.

So for those of you who don’t believe in the wondors of wiki yet *cough*Jason*cough* learn to love Wiki. Wiki is your friend.

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