People Who Work at Retail Stores are Retards.

I’ve always thought that those who worked at major retail stores (mainly computer retail shops) are the dregs of society. The retards of the world, if you will. Well, now I have irrefutable proof that this is true.

First of all, one of my computer’s motherboards went out recently because the capacitors expanded and bubbled over (a common problem with the generation of motherboards released with the Pentium IIIs). So I went to the local “mom and pop” store that the computer came from and got a new motherboard. While I was putting the processor in, the clip that holds the heatsink down to the CPU broke. The heatsink is a piece of metal that dissapates the heat, so that your CPU doesn’t catch your house on fire. (Or something like that. For a real definition look here.) It was about 5:00, so the mom and pop store would be closed, so I decided to go to Office Depot.

I didn’t really expect them to have one, but I didn’t want to travel an hour to get to the nearest CompUSA, and I had to do some other stuff, so I decided I would drop by and check at Office Depot. I decided to carry the broken clip with me, to use as a visual.

I walked up to the closest available Sales Associate, and asked him, in clear pronunciation and ennunciation, if they had “a CPU heatsink clilp” (in those exact words). I figured that even someone who wasn’t really very good at computer terms would recognize such key words as CPU and heatsink (at the least, recognize CPU). I even showed him the broken clip.

The man at first gave me a blank look, and then proceeded to do something even more despicable. He opened his mouth and these idiotic phrases proceeded to come out: “What do you use that for, to hold your paper?”

I proceeded to give him the “Are you the most retarded person on Earth?” look, and then explained to him (in the most low-level terms I could come up with while still in awe of how stupid this man was) what you use a CPU Heatsink clip was used for.

Luckily, another Sales Associate, who was fairly knowledgeable in the subject passed by, and the retard recovered himself slightly by asking the other SA for assistance. But of course, they didn’t have one, so I had to go through the ordeal with the retard for nothing. (though it did give me something to write about in my blog, so…whatever)

To remove any kind of sympathy you may have for this man, I’ll include a picture and ask you if you think you would use it to hold paper.

.CPU Heatsink

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