Great Success!

After much hassle, we have finally won.

In case you missed the last entry, our college decided to take out all wired ‘nets in the apartments. Suffice it to say, upon hearing that, we were pretty pissed, so we began an email campaign to just about anyone we could think of: the head of the IT department, the helpdesk, even “Big Lu” the University’s president. Our first few emails were the basic “we’ll look into” emails, but then we got a “lead.” The IT department head said they would look into the wireless, and if it was below “acceptable” operating levels, they would install cable at no charge to the students (if they were acceptable levels, we could still get it for $75 a semester, plus the cost of a modem [though, they left the modems they used in the apartment last year in the apartment, so we already have one of those :P]). We thought that was pretty fair, but we decided to wait until they did the test.

But then, yesterday the internet was completely shit. We ran a speed test on, and not only did it take about 54 minutes to run, we were getting a ping of ~400ms, and download of 15kbps and and upload of about 30 kbps. We were pretty angry at that, as we had to do homework over the internet, and we couldn’t because of the shit ‘nets. So, we fired off another email to the IT man, saying we couldn’t do our homework, and showing the results of speed test.

This morning, my roommate received the reply from the finance directory saying they contacted Conway Corp to install the cable interweb in our apartment sometime soon. :D

The war is over, and we have won. :)

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