Holy Crap!

Man it’s been so freakin’ long since I’ve written a post here, but it’s because I’ve been so bleedin’ busy lately. Like this week I think I’ve been at my house for like a total of 40 hours (including sleep). I mean on Monday, I went to school and after that, I had to go shopping for some new clothes to wear to the EAST Partnership Conference, which I went to on Tuesday-Thursday. (More on that later.) Then today (Friday), our school band had contest, so I had to go to that.

First of all, EAST forums is no more. The site is still up, but as soon as the contract for the hosting is done, it will go down. It has been merged with another site I set up with some friends, http://www.daysofthegeek.com, or DOT geek, as we like to call it, will eventually be a mainly media site with podcasts or vidcasts. The forums will be run by the same people who ran the EAST forums, so you know they’re in good hands.

EDIT: It seems Timothy took EF down for good, though I’m sure we can find a good use for the webspace until the contract expires.
Our band got a “One” rating overall, which is the best rating you can recieve for band in the system we participate in.

I’ll probably post some stuff about the EAST conference later when I have a lot more time. There’s so much to write about, I had a great time!

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