Qwiz Bole Tourney

Well, it’s official, everybody decided to pack as much school-related crap into this week as humanly possible. In addition to all the stuff I said yesterday, I had to go moderate at the Quiz Bowl Tournament our school hosted today.

So, from about 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., I was working the Quiz Bowl Tourney.

While we had some free time between matches, I also helped to set up Clent’s personal website, where he hosts his blog. You can see it at http://www.clentstracner.com

I’m also trying to get it set up where people can get blogs on DOT geek. For example, if I wanted to get a blog at DOT geek and my username was B_006, then I would go to http://blogs.daysofthegeek.com/B_006 to view my blog. However, the wordpress mulit-user version doesn’t seem to like goddady very much. Oh well, I’ll work on it some more, and maybe people can eventually have DOT geek blogs.

The tourney was pretty fun, I got to moderate (read questions) for 5 rounds, all of which featured a team from Parkview Arts and Sciences Magnet School. The first three games, it was Parkview B; the fourth was both Parkview teams; and the last round in which I moderated it was Parkview A. The winner of the tournament was Cabot A, so congratulations Cabot! The trophies we got for the winners were pretty nice. The first place trophy was huge!

I think that’s enough rambling for now. Whenever I come up with some more content, I’ll keep you posted.

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