Lack of Postage

So yeah, it’s been a really long time since I’ve had an update on here (far longer than I wanted). However, don’t be worried, I have two updates rolling around in my head, planned for release sometime soon.

But the reason I haven’t made a post in forever is because that I’ve been insanely busy lately with classwork. Those of you who remember this post from a while back may be thinking, “What You have gay-easy classes, how can you possibly be backed up from those classes?” Well, believe me folks, that’s what I though, too. But apparently, those classes are much more work-intensive than I thought. I’ve had to read so much shit out of a textbook lately. I mean, seriously. I’ve probably read more out of a textbook this semester than I have for all of my High School classes. For every class period I have in Speech and Biology, I have to read a new chapter in the book. And these aren’t short chapters, either. They’re like 40 page chapters that are printed in 10 point font with two columns. They’re serious reading material.

And in the past week, I’ve had a test in three of my five classes, which means I have to go back and refresh both my notes and what I read in the book. It’s some serious studyage. And then, my free time is usually taken up by either writing for Comp, a GIS project I have to do for Geography, or a crapload of stuff dealing with genetics I have to do for Biology.

So yeah. Been a crazy few weeks lately. I think most of the tough stuff is out of the way (at least I hope so), so maybe I’ll have some more time to write up some more posts. Like I said, I have two articles stewing up in my brain, and hopefully I’ll have time to ladle ‘em out into the digital medium soon.

Now for something completely different….

Some of you may remember the slight mention of a site I’m helping someone with in this post. If not, shame on you. If so, you get a cookie!

Anyways, after much hard work, we’ve finally got everything down just right, and have released the site. We’ve put a lot of work into it to get everything just right. The website is the Crackdown Forums. As the title would suggest, it’s a site about the upcoming game Crackdown (you know the one that has the Halo 3 beta invite, the butt of many jokes such as, “Buy a Halo 3 beta invite, get Crackdown for free!”. However, after the release of the demo on the Xbox market place many of the reviewers said it is exceptional.) It’s a very nice site, I like to think, and it’s become pretty active since it’s release last Tuesday. If you’re interested in the game, I hope you come and pay us a visit. :)

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