Movie: Get Smart

The second cinematic adventure partaken with my friends was to the local cinema to see Get Smart. This movie was awesome. As expected, there were lots of spy v. spy action and one-liners from Mr. Carell.

Maxwell Smart (played by Carell) is an agent who works for the top-secret organization CONTROL. He is considered by his superiors an amazing analyst of data, but his real desire in life is to be a field agent. Even when he takes the field agent exam and does superbly, the Chief decides to not promote Smart due to his abilities as an analyst. Things are turned upside down, though when KAOS (the bad guys, obviously) find CONTROL’s base and ransack it. All the field operatives are compromised except Smart and #99 (played by Anne Hathaway), an agent who underwent cosmetic surgery to continue as a field agent.

Without going much more into detail, Smart and 99 are after KAOS’s top dog, Siegfried, who has control of many nukes, and isn’t afraid to show that he means business.

Overall, it was a really good movie and I enjoyed it greatly. Go watch it!

Rating: B+

One thought on “Movie: Get Smart”

  1. You’re kidding me! B+? I couldn’t stand that movie at all. I had to leave in the middle of it out of boredom and stupidity!

    I went and saw Iron Man. Awesome.

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