New WordPress!

Yes, folks, that’s right, a new version of WordPress was just released earlier today! I being a good webscript follower, decided to upgrade to the newest release to ensure that I don’t get hacked or whatnot (though, I’m sure after that, every goddamn hacker just set their sights on hacking my site). You can get it from the usual places if you do your own blogging.

I did not, however, upgrade to WP 2.8 (the version just released). “Galador, have you gone crazy?” you may be asking, “You just said that you updated your install!” How very observant of you, dear reader! I did in fact update my WordPress, but not to some skanky stable version, heavens no! Instead, I decided to be adventurous and follow the SVN trunk (for you non-techies, the development version, straight from WordPress to me).

And of course, being the dev version, it FUCKED SHIT UP. If you see the layout between now and probably sometime tomorrow when I fix shit, this is not how I want my blog to look, goddammit. If I wanted to change how my blog looks, I’d change the fucking theme! Why do I suddenly have a list of categories and archives on the right side? I don’t want that. Where is my blogroll? And what happened to my meta links. (It’s a good thing I have a separate login button in my theme’s header, else I might [*gasp*] have to type out the admin URL manually! *shudders*)

To be fair, of course, the WordPress doodz do give you a bit of warning that that SVN trunk is probably going to be bork. Ah, the grief of running on the bleeding edge!

UPDATE: It appears I owe a bit of an apology to the WP devs for this post. Seems the only thing that went “wrong” with the update was that somewhere between WP v2.7 and v2.9-rare (I’ll interject here that the WordPress dev versions have hilarious version names), they switched to a much simpler sidebar configuration where you drag and drop (or, if this happened during or prior to 2.7, I guess I never changed the default) “widgets”. Since I didn’t have a widget configuration, it just assumed some defaults. So there you have it, folks! Give these fine people a round of applause for actually making shit easier! *claps*

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