Testing LaTeX

Liek whoa! Two posts in one day!

\LaTeX, in case you didn’t know, is a very sweet markup language for making professional-looking documents and is used pretty heavily in the Maths and Sciences, because it has wicked formula support. If you’ve seen math formulas on Wikipedia, then those were created with LaTeX. I’ve recently discovered that there’s a pretty sweet WordPress plugin, Easy LaTeX that allows you to embed formulas on your blag.

Though, I probably won’t use it very often (read: possibly never again after this post), I thought that I’d at least show it off once. I might even update my infamous “Derivatives Made Easy” (the #1 result on google for that phrase… I still get a lot of hits to it) post with nice-looking formulas instead of the paint-drawn ones I have now.

So, here’s some of the neat-looking stuff you can make with LaTeX:

\Re{z} =\frac{n\pi \dfrac{\theta +\psi}{2}}{ \left(\dfrac{\theta +\psi}{2}\right)^2 + \left( \dfrac{1}{2} \log \left\lvert\dfrac{B}{A}\right\rvert\right)^2}.

4 thoughts on “Testing LaTeX”

  1. Just so you know, that equation doesn’t really do you any good. Nice job at sucking. >_>

  2. I never said it did. I just wanted something that looked particularly impressive, and I think that one fits the bill.

  3. I’m not exactly sure how that is related, Kale.

    (Yes, I know that it is a spam comment, but sometimes they make me lul.)

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