Red Ring of Sadness

Microsoft, you sly devil. Playing with my emotions. Your fine Xbox 360 provides me with joy, then suddenly, the blare of static emanating from my TV tells me the inevitable. My 360 has caught the (not-so-rare) “Red Ring of Death” virus.

This of course means that I’ll be without my entertainment device for at least three weeks while I send it off to Microsoft’s 360 burial grounds and have a new console returned to me. Quite sad. At least I still have my Playstation Two and Star Ocean to keep me company in these long, lonely nights.

As an aside, I think I pissed off the spambot people with this post. I logged in today, and found 42 (coincidence?!) new spam messages in the Akismet queue. I’m sorry spammers. :(

Looks like I’m on track for at least three days of my “one post a day” project. :D And I know I’ll have a post tomorrow (Anberlin / Taking Back Sunday concert), and possibly a follow-up on that Sunday. And just to clarify one “day” (thanks to my weird sleeping pattern) is roughly from 10AM to 3AM, right now. Which may account for some weirdness when considering “days”.

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