Anberlin and Taking Back Sunday!

Going to see Anberlin and Taking Back Sunday tonight, and I’m super-excited. The last time I saw TBS (at Memphis in May, ’06), I claimed them to be “one of the best punk shows I’ve ever seen.” Last time I saw Anberlin, it was definitely the best concert I’ve ever been too.

So, I’m really excited about seeing them again. TBS did just drop a new album, though, so you know they’re going to be playing a lot of new stuff, and I’m not sure if I’ll enjoy it as much

Still, two of my favorite bands in one night? Awesome!

As a side note, I’m pretty sure I did piss off the spam people. Logged in today to find a boatload more spam! ;D

2 thoughts on “Anberlin and Taking Back Sunday!”

  1. @Akemi If they come near me, I’d love to see ’em. The last time they came this way, Stephen got sick, and it was cancelled. :(

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