In addition to being an awesome candy substance, it’s also the title of this sweet AMV I found:

Set to “Candy Pop” by Heartsdale ft. Soul’d Out. What I found out most impressive about the music (besides the sweet beat) was the mix of Japanese and English from a Japanese group without sounding Engrishy. The video is also really well done and set to Haruhi! Definitely one of the best AMVs I’ve seen. The weird silence around 0:45 is actually part of the song.

And I realize it’s somewhat old, but I just stumbled on it and loved it, so I thought I’d poast.

4 thoughts on “Skittles”

  1. That was really neat! The boobs were great too. ^_^

    There was a part were I thought the Japanese raper said “nigga”. That was amusing to say the least.

  2. Yes, listening to rap as opened my eyes to the lyrics. I can understand every word.

    The video was so good I had to watch it a third time today.

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